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NGC 6952 Ngc 6951

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Telescope: Ritchey Chretien GSO 203 mm , AP ccdT67 f5,6
Camera: CCD QSI 583 wsg LRGB Astrodon Filters
Mount: Eq6 Pro
Guide: Off-axis guide
1200sec X 71 Luminance: (65: 65: 65) x 300 sec bin 2
( R:G:B)
Location: Remote Digital Sky Observatory, Manciano (Gr)
Sky: good Sky
Date: July-August 2016

The galaxy NGC 6951 aka 6952 is surrounded prospectively in nebulae in our galaxy

The photo with a 40 hour exposure has allowed would give color to faint nebulae present.

These seem to belong to LDN (which I do not find in the catalogs) and the less bright the inegrated Flux Nebula. In the circle it is marked a faint spiral galaxy

A nebula is evidenced not belong to any catalog. People with information to me by e-mail contacts.

The shape reminds me of a Falcon and if this did not have names for me is the Falcone nebula.

The star seems to excite the surrounding material, so the color also appears to be a reflection nebulosity

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